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Rich Goodenough

Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager IV

Rich Goodenough

About Rich

Rich had so much to say, so we’ll just let him tell you: “I have the best job. I have a great team … We get to help small businesses grow and we get to help big businesses grow stronger. It can be simple stuff like buying new equipment or expanding with a line of credit. Or it can be complicated: generational transfer, death of a partner. But I have a lot of confidence in our ability to handle all of it.” No other job can compare to Rich’s time at Kennebunk Savings. He’s prioritized community involvement in his life since well before he came to work for us, and he’s glad to work for a bank that agrees it’s essential.

Rich is a longtime volunteer with Northeast Passage, an organization that puts athletes with disabilities back into an active lifestyle. He’s also Facilities Chair (and player) at York Paddle Tennis Club Board of Directors and a volunteer at Marshwood High School Outdoor Leadership Development Program.

I love the exclamation point that we live in as a bank. We do everything and we’re everywhere.

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