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A sense of purpose, a perspective beyond banking.

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See how our strong sense of purpose helps us grow, improve, and innovate

Customers first – always

You know when you wake up feeling lucky to love what you do? That’s us. Our passion shines through as we strive to be role models in the community. In our online and mobile world and we spend a lot of time trying to find better ways to give customers the kind of assistance they need in those spaces, but our favorite moments are still the ones when customers walk through the door to visit us in person. We hope we’ll see you, too.

Customers at the Portsmouth branch office

Innovating for the community, not for ourselves

We live here too. Getting to know our customers and our community means we understand there are things we can’t control. In our work, we’re empowered to act based on the character of the businesses that hold our communities up and connections we make by being part of the neighborhood. It’s not just about the bottom line. We want to give back and make a positive impact. Because helping one another is the right thing to do.

2 people riding bikes at the Trek Across Maine bike ride

When I think about Kennebunk Savings, it comes down to our community, and our roots are firmly planted in it. We hire incredibly dedicated people who share our values and commitment to our community. We all believe in helping our communities thrive. And that belief goes beyond the workplace. Our employees dedicated more than 10,500 hours in 2019 alone to nonprofits in our community. Their sense of purpose is also our sense of purpose at Kennebunk Savings. Bradford C. Paige President, and CEO

Bradford C. Paige

We’ll always be honest with you and guide you toward the best financial decisions for you.

As your neighbor and your banker, we want to see you thrive in our shared community.

We’re always thinking ahead and refining our products and services to ensure they’ll be ready for all of life’s moments.

We’re here to be more than a bank for you, and we hope to establish a personal connection so you can see our expertise and our commitment to the community.

Quick facts about Kennebunk Savings

  • Headquartered in Kennebunk, Maine
  • Assets of $1.25 billion
  • Mutually owned, Maine-chartered community banking institution
  • 2022 Annual Report
  • Operating 18 branch and office locations in York County Maine and seacoast New Hampshire.
  • Contributes 10% of its after-tax earnings back to the nonprofit community each year through its Community Promise program.
  • The total commitment of that program has meant nearly $14 million for nonprofits in the community since 1994.

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