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Professional Liability Insurance for Business Owners

Professional Liability coverage is sometimes also referred to as “E and O” insurance, or Errors and Omissions. It is designed to protect professionals from liability claims resulting from errors, negligence, or failure to perform professional duty.

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What are “errors and omissions”?

Businesses who provide professional services or advice to clients often need professional liability coverage. This could include claims of professional negligence, medical malpractice, and breach of duty — including failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

What sort of businesses seek professional liability insurance?


  • Doctors and Healthcare Providers
  • Lawyers and Legal Professionals
  • Accountants and Financial Advisors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Barbers and Beauticians
  • Physical/Personal Trainers

Helpful terms and information


The right of the insurer to take legal action against any third party responsible for causing the insured’s losses.

Prior acts coverage

Coverage for claims that stem from incidents prior to the start date of the current policy.

Want to talk about your options for professional liability insurance?

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