Travel Alerts

How to set travel alerts on your debit card

You can set travel alerts within your Kennebunk Savings account to tell us about your travel plans ahead of time. Otherwise, our security system might block your debit card when it notices usage outside of your usual locations.
To ensure legitimate transactions don’t get flagged by our security and fraud monitoring, be ready to share the following information:

  • Your destination (or destinations)
  • The dates you’ll be traveling
  • When you’ll return, and any layovers you might have along the way
  • Your most up-to-date phone number

Take this step to give yourself peace of mind during your trip. We’ll make sure legitimate transactions happen easily and don’t cause a hassle for you, and quickly identify any fraudulent transactions that may occur after you’ve left your destination.

Our fraud prevention and security

Kennebunk Savings monitors your accounts to protect you from fraudulent activity. Our Fraud Services department checks your debit cards for suspicious activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sends a text message or makes a phone call if suspicious activity occurs.

Be aware that while we may ask for certain identifying information, we will never ask for your full account number or the security code found on the back of your card.