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A Familiar Face Returns to Kennebunk Savings’ Leadership

...was general counsel at Residential Mortgage Services. Saufley is a past or current member of the Maine State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Mortgage Bankers Association, Mortgage Compliance Association, and...

Construction Loans

You’ve got land? We’ve got a construction loan for you. Are you already dreaming of the fun stuff that comes with that piece of land you saw – the kitchen counters, the bay windows, a cozy firep...

Accessory Dwelling Unit Loan

Add living space that fits the needs of your family. Whether you are looking to provide options for aging parents or earn rental income — an ADU loan might be a good fit. An ADU loan is a new produc...

Land Loans

Purchase land now, build your dream home later. Maybe it’s a blissful spot you’ve passed by on a walk, and thought to yourself, “I’d love to wake up here every day.” Or it’s a nearby piece...
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Mortgage FAQs

...that will be mortgaged and is calculated by dividing the mortgage loan amount – which includes all mortgages, Home Equity loans and/or Home Equity Lines of Credit – by the...

How to Choose a Home Mortgage Lender

...for recommendations. Talking to others about their experiences will help you find a reputable mortgage lender. Referrals from those close to you can make the process of choosing a mortgage...

Mortgage Options: Which One is Right for You?

...a home in over 3 years they can qualify to be a first time homebuyer again. Jumbo Mortgage A Jumbo Mortgage sounds like a mortgage for elephants, or possibly houses...

What is Mortgage Underwriting Anyway?

...a little mysterious. So, what exactly is mortgage underwriting? During the mortgage underwriting process an underwriter evaluates the risk you, the borrower, pose to the lender on a real estate...

Starting the Mortgage Process: Why Prequalify?

...a lender provides you with an understanding of the types of loans you may qualify for and the documentation you’ll need when it’s time to submit the mortgage application. To...