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Workers’ Comp Insurance

Peace of mind for you and your employees when work-related injuries occur. Our agents understand state and federal laws and can help you understand the best policy for your business.

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Accidents happen

Most states have legal requirements for businesses to secure workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance provides replacement wages and covers medical costs for employees who are injured while performing their job duties. It also protects employers from being sued for workplace injuries.

What does workers’ compensation cover?


  • Medical treatment for injuries
  • Wage replacement for lost time at work
  • Costs related to injury rehabilitation
  • Disability assistance

Helpful terms and information

Dispute resolution

When there is a dispute over a claim, workers’ comp policies include procedures for resolving it, including mediation or arbitration.

Experience modification number

A number that measures your business’s performance with work-related injuries. If your business has a solid safety record, you can earn the ability to receive credit on your policy premiums.

Want to talk about your options for workers’ comp?

You can request a quote now or give us a call to discuss your options at 1-800-794-2941