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Peggy Boyle

Vice President, Agency Operations and Commercial Lines Manager

Peggy Boyle headshot

About Peggy

Peggy oversees the services and operations of Kennebunk Savings Insurance, so every part of her job influences both the staff and our customers. And that’s the key: working for a customer-focused and employee-focused company makes all the difference to Peggy. It’s just one reason she’s been on board with us since 2012. Another one: Kennebunk Savings is one part of a broader community that has genuine compassion and empathy for each other. When she can turn around a bad day for a client or member of the staff, she knows it reverberates outward.

One of Peggy’s many hidden talents: singing! She loves to share her talent, so next time you see her…

If a client comes in upset and they can leave happy, I get excited about what was accomplished.

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