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Online Banking

Safe, Simple, Convenient

Kennebunk Savings online banking makes it easy to bank safely and securely at your own convenience. With our online services, you can:

  • View all your accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Make payments on Kennebunk Savings loans
  • Set up Alerts
  • Export transactions into Intuit Quicken®
  • Order checks

Enroll in Online Banking

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Bill Pay 

Through online banking, pay bills and eliminate the need to visit multiple websites or write checks. Simply establish the payee via a personal computer, then make a single payment or schedule recurring payments—to automatically pay your bill(s) on time, every time! 


If you have a Kennebunk Savings checking account, you can sign up to use Popmoney—a simple and quick option to transfer money from your Kennebunk Savings account to/from anyone in the U.S. using an email address, mobile phone number or bank account information. It's just one more way that Kennebunk Savings is working to make your banking easier!


When you sign up for paperless statements through online banking, you will receive an email as soon as your monthly statement is available. No more waiting for the mail—and you can easily access up to 18 months of eStatements which include digital copies of your checks organized by number. If you want to save your monthly statements for longer, you can save them directly to your computer. Enrolling is easy. Simply follow the prompts when you sign up for online banking.

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Online Banking FAQs

With Online Banking, you can view account history and current transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, view check images and your eStatements, make Stop Payments and much more.

It’s easy to enroll in Kennebunk Savings’ Online Banking. Simply look for the “Enroll” link on under the Online Banking login box in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on Enroll in Online Banking and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your Online Banking. Some of the types of information you’ll be asked for during enrollment includes your account number, name, date of birth and zip code.

There is no fee for Online Banking. Bill Pay is free when you have a Breakaway Free Checking Account or Breakaway Business Checking Account. If you do not have one of these accounts, personal Bill Pay is a $6.00 monthly fee and Business Bill Pay is a $9.95 monthly fee.

The terms and conditions are available when you are logged into Online Banking.

To update your password, click on the Forgot Password link on the Online Banking Login page and follow the on-screen prompts to update your password. You may also call Customer Care for assistance at 1-800-339-6573 during business hours.

When you bank online, we are committed to helping you to keep your personal information private and secure. Bank with confidence knowing that your online transactions are protected by your Username and password, advanced device recognition and security questions, plus a high level of encryption and firewalls to safeguard your information. For more information please review Your Security.

You are the first line of defense for your online account security. Please follow these steps to protect your information online.

  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Protect your Username and use different strong passwords for different websites.
  • Set up alerts in online banking and the mobile app to help you manage and monitor your account balances and transaction activity.
  • Always exit online banking by clicking on the Logout option at the top right corner of the page.
  • Beware of emails, pop-up requests and text messages that require an urgent reply. Don’t ever open attachments, click on links or respond to emails from unknown users.
  • Update your browser, operating system and apps with the newest fixes to help protect you from security threats.
  • Remember, we will NEVER ask you to share personal information unless you initiate the call. 

We offer Bill Pay to all our online banking customers. It is the fast, convenient way for customers to pay bills online rather than by sending a check by mail.

Personal banking customers and sole proprietors who have a checking account in good standing may apply for Bill Pay. There is a $6.00 monthly fee for the personal Bill Pay service, which will be deducted from your checking account statement. This fee is waived with a Breakaway Free Checking Account.

Business Bill Pay provides additional features for Business Banking customers to pay bills and vendors online. There is a $9.95 monthly fee for Business Bill Pay that is waived with a Breakaway Business Checking Account.

Personal banking customers and sole proprietors should call Customer Care at 1-800-339-6573 to activate their account(s). You will then be able to log in to online banking and select the Pay Bills button to set up your accounts to be paid.

Businesses can sign up for Business Bill Pay by using the online application form. When you receive the mailed notice that your account was approved, you can then log in to Business Bill Pay from the Kennebunk Savings home page.

Yes. More than one account owner can use Bill Pay. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-339-6573 to add a co-subscriber. Business Bill Pay customers will be able to set different access levels for different users as part of their service.

Bill Pay and Business Bill Pay support is available toll-free at  1-800-877-8021 between 7:00 am and 1:00 am.

If your Bill Pay service is not used for 6 months, you’ll receive an email notification that you no longer have Bill Pay service. Of course, if you decide at a later date that you would like to re-enroll you may call our Customer Care team at 1-800-339-6573.

E-Statements are electronic account statements we can provide to you online when they are available vs. waiting for them to be sent through the mail.

It’s easy! Once you have access to Online Banking, log in to your account and you’ll be asked if you’d like to enroll in e-statements. Then just follow the few simple steps! If you have questions or concerns contact Customer Care at 1-800-339-6573.

Alerts are special notices you can receive to help you manage your accounts at Kennebunk Savings. Alerts can help you stay informed when your account falls below a certain balance, or when a check has cleared your account, or when you have a loan payment due. You can select the type of account Alerts you want to receive and the preferred method for delivery, like email or mobile text message.

There is no fee to use Online Banking Alerts.

Here are five easy steps to help you set up your Alerts: 

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Go to Accounts and look in ‘Messages’ on the right side of the page
  • Click on ‘New’ and select the Alert you want to set up
  • Follow the on-screen prompts
  • Confirm that your Email address is correct

To make changes to your Alert preferences, log in to Online Banking and select the ‘Alerts’ link at the top of the page. Select the alert you want to edit and you are done.

Popmoney is a person to person payment service that eliminates checks and cash. With Popmoney you can send or receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. All you need is a current U.S. checking or savings account.

How to send money:

Log into your Online Banking account and click on Popmoney. All you need is the recipient’s email address, mobile phone number or bank account information. Your recipient will receive an email or text with instructions on how to deposit the money into their bank account.

How to receive money: 

You’ll get an email or text message letting you know someone sent you money; along with instructions on how to deposit it into your bank account.

Popmoney is a personal to person payment service that eliminates checks and cash. With Popmoney you can send or receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. All you need is a current U.S. checking or savings account.

Funds will be available in the recipient’s checking or savings account as early as one business day from the date they accept the funds. The recipient will receive a confirmation email with the date the funds will be in their account.

You can use your Kennebunk Savings Checking or Savings Account.

Yes. The recipient has 10 days from the date of the payment notification to provide checking or savings account information. After 10 days, if the funds have not been accepted, the payment expires and the funds will be returned to the sender.

Yes. Popmoney will notify you of any fees at the time you set up your payment transaction.

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