Online Bill Pay

It’s easier than ever to add bills to Online Bill Pay

Find and add bills with less effort

Online Bill Pay is a feature that virtually completes every step of adding a bill to your account for you!

Finding and adding bills is:

  • Simple: Our intuitive technology finds your eligible bills.
  • Fast: Selected bills are seamlessly added to your account, reducing error from manual entry.
  • Smart: Bills are added in just moments allowing you to get back to what matters most.

Get Started

To get started with Bill Pay, log into your online banking Kennebunk Savings account and click Bill Pay in the navigation bar and follow the on screen prompts to enroll.

Enroll in Zelle®

You can also use your Bill Pay account to enroll in Zelle®

  1. Login to Bill Pay
  2. Select Send Money with Zelle®
  3. Select or enter a new Contact
  4. Enter Amount