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Support Affordable Senior Housing

Brad Paige with Avesta renderings

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Thank You for Supporting Seniors in Our Community!

Right now, there are more than 300 seniors on a waiting list for affordable, quality housing in Kennebunk. Thank you to all the Kennebunk residents who voted on March 5th to approve a contract zone that would allow for the construction of affordable housing for seniors in Kennebunk.

We are very pleased and would like to thank the residents in Kennebunk for voting yes on Question A. The approval is one significant step forward of many needed to secure housing stability for older adults in our communities. The overwhelming support on Election Day demonstrates that the people of Kennebunk are here to look out for each other – neighbor helping neighbor. And we’re proud to be one of those neighbors (who just happens to be a bank).Bradford C. Paige, CEO, Kennebunk Savings

The development will be located behind Kennebunk Savings’ Operations Center located at 7 Alewive Park Road.

Kennebunk Savings is donating a 12-acre parcel of land to Avesta Housing to construct two affordable senior housing buildings, with a total of 70 apartment units. An additional donation of $550,000 to finance the construction will also be given to Avesta Housing by Kennebunk Savings. Once completed, Avesta Housing would own and operate the buildings.

An additional 12-acre parcel will also be donated by the bank to the Kennebunk Land Trust to preserve as green space in perpetuity.


Hear From Key Community Leaders Supporting This Initiative!

Several community leaders showed their support for the project, writing Letters to the Editor that appeared in the Kennebunk Post.



Bridget Dempsey“Over 40 percent of Maine residents are 55+, however, affordable senior housing opportunities are far and few between. It is vital for Kennebunk to provide a supportive community for our seniors which should start with affordable senior housing. Many of our seniors live on social security alone and rely on the financial well-being of affordable senior housing. I fully support the Avesta Housing and Kennebunk Savings partnership.”


Bridget Dempsey
Executive Director, The Center (The Senior Center at Lower Village)



Megan Walton“We are thrilled about this new development and collaboration from our partners at Kennebunk Savings and Avesta Housing. Older adults represent a disproportionately high number of low-income Mainers facing homelessness, and this project is a key part of the solution to ensure they have a safe, affordable, and stable place to live. We look forward to helping in any way we can to address the needs of our community.”

Megan Walton
CEO, Southern Maine Agency on Aging


Doug Stockbridge“As Director on the Boards at both Kennebunk Savings and Avesta Housing, and as a Kennebunk resident, I truly appreciate the need for senior housing alternatives in our community, and I appreciate the great things that can happen when a local community bank and a housing nonprofit partner together on a solution. I urge you to support this project and vote YES on Question A.”

Douglas R. Stockbridge
President, Rollins Management Group


Laura Dolce“You cannot look on social media, open a paper or turn on a TV these days without hearing about the housing crisis. It is keenly felt right here in Kennebunk, where we’ve had people living in their cars and sleeping on park benches. There is a scarcity of safe, affordable housing in our community, particularly for seniors. The new project proposed for Alewive Park Road would bring 70 much-needed affordable senior rental units to Kennebunk. It also brings together two longtime stewards of our community, Kennebunk Savings and Avesta Housing, in a way that can only benefit our town and its people. I applaud Kennebunk Savings for having not only the vision for the property, but also the heart to donate the land and an additional $550,000 to get this project off the ground. I hope residents come out to vote yes on Question A on March 5. It will make a difference for generations to come.”

Laura Dolce
Executive Director, Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Arundel Chamber


Sally Tarte“Many older adults in the community live month to month. Housing costs are so much that it forces seniors to make choices regarding healthcare, homecare, medicine, and other basic needs.  Senior housing increases the social aspect as well as the natural caring for each other, creating a natural support system for older adults which is essential to their wellbeing.”


Sally Tartre
Executive Director, A Place to Start for Dementia





About Avesta Housing

Once built, Avesta Housing will own and manage the property. Avesta Housing is a nonprofit that operates more than 3,000 affordable homes at over 100 properties. They build resident-focused affordable homes with amenities and provide support services to create stability, opportunity, and healthy living.

In Kennebunk, they created two successful properties for low-income individuals aged 55+ or disabled.

To learn more about Avesta Housing or their housing application process, please visit their website.