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Voice ID.
Security as
unique as you.

Woman on phone with Customer Care. Using Voice ID

Kennebunk Savings Voice ID

Our newest security feature —Voice ID—confirms your identity by the unique characteristics of your voice when you call Customer Care. This way, we can spend less time on security questions and focus on the reason you called.

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Getting Set up is Easy.

Now when you call Customer Care, you will be asked to opt in to Voice ID. At that time, we can create your voiceprint and use it to identify you during future calls. This is the most convenient way to securely identify you over the phone.

It's Secure.

Just like your fingerprint, your voiceprint is uniquely yours. There are more than 100 unique physical and behavioral characteristics that are measured when creating your voiceprint—including the length of your vocal tract, nasal passage, pitch, cadence, pronunciation, etc. Unlike passwords, your voice can't be stolen.



Voice ID FAQs

Voice ID is authentication technology that creates a unique voiceprint when you call Customer Care. So the next time you call in, it will match your voiceprint and quickly identify you. A voiceprint includes more than 100 unique physical and behavioral characteristics of a person such as length of the vocal tract, nasal passage, and pitch, cadence, accent, etc. Independent research has shown that a voiceprint is unique to an individual, just as a fingerprint is.

We already have a lot of security measures in place, but they involve a list of security questions and require a lot of time and very specific answers from our customers which we understand can be frustrating. This technology makes verifying your identity faster and even more secure for our customers

Our overall objectives of implementing Voice ID are to increase customer convenience during the identity authentication process when calling Customer Care, and to enhance security. Voice ID reduces the need for all those pesky security questions, so we can get right to the heart of the matter when you call.

The security is among the strongest in the industry. Voice ID is less susceptible to fraud threats that affect more traditional methods of authentication such as PINs and passwords.

There are more than 100 characteristics being measured when it comes to evaluating someone’s voice and matching it against a voiceprint, which is unique to each person. This includes both physical characteristics – the size and shape of the larynx or nasal cavity, for example – and behavioral characteristics – rhythm of speech, intonation, accent, etc. While behaviors can be easily mimicked, physical voice characteristics cannot, and this prevents impersonators or identical twins from “tricking” the system. Voice ID technology includes a number of protocols to ensure highly accurate matching of a person’s voice against their unique voiceprint.

Fun Fact: As a test, professional voice impersonators have tried to “hack” Voice ID, with no success. To you and me, their voice impersonation is spot on. But the Voice ID technology is even more sophisticated than our human ear and can detect that the impersonator is not the “real deal”.

The short answer is no. There are several measures in place to ensure that the system could cannot be breached by a recorded playback of a person’s voice. The Voice ID technology is able to quickly flag whether the spoken voice coming into the system is recorded or live, or whether speakers have changed.  A Kennebunk Savings Representative will work with you to verify you using the most secure method.


Normal fluctuations in a person’s voice won’t adversely cause Voice ID to fail. However, if someone has a physical ailment such as laryngitis or a more severe illness which causes an inability to speak, Voice ID may be challenged. In this case, you would simply revert to answering a series of authentication questions to confirm your identity when you call us.

Every time you call Customer Care, Voice ID will enhance your voiceprint using the current characteristics of your voice, so your voiceprint will never be out of date.

No. Your voiceprint is secure.  We store a digital representation of your voice that only works with our system.  A voiceprint is not a recording or something that can be stolen and used outside our system.

The next time you call, a Customer Care Representative will offer to enroll you. To enroll, you will just need to consent to create your unique voiceprint. The Customer Care Representative will guide you through this brief process.

Yes. When Customer Care asks if you’d like to enroll, simply tell us you don’t want to participate. You can also opt out by speaking with a Customer Service Assistant when you are in one of our branches.

No. We offer this service at no charge.

Voice ID is unique to each individual on an account.  For example, if you have a joint account with a spouse, each owner may have his or her own unique voiceprint enrolled.

No. You only need to set up Voice ID once. Because Voice ID is unique to you, it may be used to identify you no matter which account you are calling about.

Any authorized person on an account may enroll in Voice ID.

No. Voice ID is a voice recognition security technology that is only for use whenever you call Customer Care and speak to one of our representatives. The representative will use your voiceprint to validate your identity before discussing your account(s) with you.