Two women talking about insurance

We agree – the ads for insurance companies just keep getting funnier. But when it comes time to work with an insurance company, that humor evaporates. Often the shine of the ads has worn off and the reality of working with this company sets in, rather quickly too. You are assigned, and become a case number. You need help but you’re left with speaking to a series of strangers over the phone, who are rarely as clever of friendly as the spokesperson from the ads.

There is an alternative to that cold, corporate insurance relationship: partnering with an independent agent, like Kennebunk Savings Insurance.

So why would you go with an independent agent who, admittedly, doesn’t have the funny ads? Here are five reasons an independent agent like Kennebunk Savings Insurance may be a better fit for your next insurance policy.

We’re objective

You likely don’t have time to call every single insurance company and compare their rates and coverages. And even if you had the time, you’d probably prefer to do something else. That’s where we can help. Because we’re an independent agent that represents multiple carriers, we can do that for you. We spend our days working with multiple carriers on competitive rates, which gives our customers more options to find the best insurance policy. “We’re not tied to one company, but we are experts in all of the coverages the various companies offer,” says Danny Edgecomb, President, Kennebunk Savings Insurance. “This means we can shop for the right coverages and get the best value for our customers.”

We’re your personal trusted advisors

Because we’re experts on all of the big insurance companies, we can advise on the best approach to all of your insurance needs. We’ll make sure you understand not only your current coverage but also let you know what insurance options are available during important milestones like getting married, buying a home or preparing a teenager for driving. “We’re in the weeds with the insurance companies daily. We want to use this experience to help Kennebunk Savings Insurance customers save time and money and feel confident with their insurance,” says Edgecomb.

We’re your advocates

Yes, we represent multiple carriers but at the end of the day, we work for our customers. Here’s an example: A customer’s daughter was in an accident (and wasn’t hurt, thankfully). Her car, which was older and had mileage, had been gifted down from a relative in Florida and the car was still in great shape. The vehicle needed thousands of dollars of work and the insurance company was considering totaling the vehicle. This would have put the customer in a tough position and was not the outcome they were looking for. “We worked with the carrier and ended up getting the vehicle repaired once the carrier understood the true condition and value the car still had,” says Edgecomb. “The customer, carrier and Kennebunk Savings Insurance worked together to provide a great outcome for all and the car is still on the road today. “

We ensure you get what you need

No one talks to their insurance company until they are under stress, usually when an accident happens. If you’re with a big company, you’ll talk to whoever ends up picking up the phone. When you’re a Kennebunk Savings Insurance customer and you need help, you speak with the same people who have been advising you all along. We will help you navigate the process, take the first report and help you understand what the process will entail.

“We start advocating for our customers in the very first meeting, before they become customers,” says Edgecomb. “We have the foresight to anticipate possible insurance needs, advise on the correct coverages and then meet those needs so if an accident ever occurs our customers are prepared.”

We’re local

Working with us you get the local, personal touch. We know your market and we can assess how your community will affect your rates. We’re also your neighbors, we might even live in your neighborhood and as a team we want to help build strong communities. “We live in your community, we play in your community,” says Edgecomb. “We’re accountable to the community.”

If you’re in the market for auto insurance, know that we will be with you each step of the way. We’d love to hear from you and find out how we can help. Get in touch!