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Our Woodbridge Road branch in York is closed today, Friday, April 19th, for maintenance. Please visit our branch on Hannaford Drive in York or you may call our Customer Care team at 800-339-6573. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create for you.

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Cybersecurity Month Resources and Games

October is a month to share tips and resources about keeping your money safe on the world wide web. We’ve collected some of the resources we shared in our branches this year in case you missed anything!

  • The Federal Trade Commission has great resources for understanding how to react to Identity Theft and other data breaches. Check out the steps listed on their site to be ready for the future!
  • Here’s a printable PDF that guides you through red flags in a suspicious email: Social_Engineering_Red_Flags
  • We created a video series this year detailing real scams our staff helped prevent. Watch all episodes here: True Fraud Stories.
  • We also have created a few humorous and informative videos about how to read URLs, and how to best keep your PC clean and virus-free (on YouTube).
  • Learning about cybersecurity can be fun! Here are some games to test your cyber-savviness: Cryptogram and Crossword.
  • Here’s a helpful slide from our branch TV screens – red flags across several common platforms.  Phishing red flags 2022

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