There has been a rash of motor vehicle burglaries recently. Thieves are searching parked cars for women’s purses left behind while the owner is at the gym, daycare, walking trials, dog park, etc.  The crooks smash the car window, grab the purse or wallet and steal the victim’s driver’s license and check book. Female accomplices then visit the drive up lane at the bank and use the driver’s license to cash checks on the account. Please make sure that if you are leaving your wallet in the car to secure it out of sight.

The other criminal activity police are seeing locally is a rise in cases of mail theft. Mail boxes are broken into and checks are being stolen. Crooks then alter the amount of the check and who it is payable to. Protect yourself! Whenever possible, use Online Banking and Bill Pay to pay your bills or drop off your outgoing mail INSIDE the post office.

It’s always a good idea to check your account daily and call us immediately at 800-339-6573 if you notice any suspicious activity. You can easily monitor activity with our Account Alerts function in our Online Banking and Mobile Banking. With Account Alerts, we’ll notify you via text and/or email if fraudulent activity is suspected. To enroll in Online and Mobile Banking, or if you are already enrolled and want to set up your alerts, please visit or call Customer Care at 800-339-6573.