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Shining a Light & Making a Difference 

Shining a spotlight on New Hampshire and Maine.

About the Spotlight Fund

The Spotlight Fund was created by Kennebunk Savings in 2016 to shine a light on critical issues affecting our community. Our team identifies an issue to focus on and proactively works to understand how our community is impacted via research and input from subject matter experts. The monetary gifts that the Spotlight Fund provides are intended to help make meaningful impact on a single, critical issue. We hope that helping advance the efforts of our grant recipients will lead to added support for affected community members.

2018 Spotlight Fund

2018 Spotlight on the Opioid Crisis

When it was time to decide what issue we would focus on in 2018, it was impossible to ignore how the opioid crisis is affecting our community. Both Maine and New Hampshire are experiencing profound pressure on the institutions and organizations that are attempting to address the impacts of this crisis. The stereotypes for addiction and those addicted are no longer applicable. Opioid substance use disorder affects people from every type of background and every single age group. New Hampshire has the second highest rate of opioid-related overdose deaths in the country, with Maine not far behind*. Kennebunk Savings has committed $100,000 in support of eight nonprofit organizations that work diligently to combat this issue.

 Graphic showing high number of opioid deaths

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Substance Use Disorder: Prevention & Recovery

Kennebunk Savings is committed to helping the members of our community stay on a healthy, successful path. Therefore, the Spotlight on the Opioid Crisis is focused on two facets of substance use disorder: Prevention and Recovery, in hopes that we can help to make a long term impact on those most at risk.

2018 Grant Recipients

Granite Youth Alliance

The Granite Youth Alliance is a youth leadership program focused on alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse education and prevention. The Spotlight Fund will support GYA programs in Stratham, Newmarket and Portsmouth, NH.

Restorative Justice Institute of Maine

The Restorative Justice Institute of Maine focuses on repairing and preventing harm caused by criminal behavior. The Spotlight Fund will support development of a substance use prevention program in York County schools.

Recovery Center at York Hospital

The York Hospital Recovery Center offers outpatient treatment and counseling for substance use disorder patients. The Spotlight Fund will allow York Hospital to hire a Recovery Coach to guide, mentor and support patients entering long term recovery, and a certified Training Coach to educate other peer-to-peer mentors on the recovery journey.

Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition

The Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition at the University of New England is partnering with Learn to Cope to establish a local chapter offering education, resources, peer support and hope for parents and family members who have someone in their lives struggling with substance use disorder. The Spotlight Fund will support the Maine chapter launch of Learn to Cope.

Hope on Haven Hill

Hope on Haven Hill works to provide a nurturing, therapeutic home environment, outpatient services and recovery support for pregnant women with substance use disorder who are seeking recovery. By providing family therapy, parenting classes, advancement in education and life coaching to mothers, they make a positive impact on their children as well. The Spotlight Fund will assist Hope on Haven with expansion of their recovery housing program.

The Triangle Club

The Triangle Club is a chemical free, safe meeting place for recovering people in Dover and surrounding communities. The Spotlight Fund will help the Triangle Club boost its overall organizational health and funding base by financing a consultant to assist with the development of a strategic plan and funding model. Lighting for the parking lot and building improvements will also be funded. 

SOS Recovery Community Organization

SOS Recovery Community Center is a peer support program in Dover and Rochester that works to connect and engage those in all stages of recovery and encourage hope, optimism and healthy living. 

The Spotlight Fund will support the recovery coaching, crisis response, telephone recovery support, meetings, activities and workshops, organized advocacy and volunteerism at SOS Recovery Community Center.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center

Safe Harbor Recovery Center is a Portsmouth area community center providing a holistic approach to recovery, including recovery coaching, wellness planning, housing and workforce development. The Spotlight Fund will support peer-led recovery and resources for anyone impacted by addiction, including family and friends. 

2017 Spotlight Fund

Food Insecurity

We believe that all children should grow up knowing where their next meal is coming from. Year two of our Spotlight on Food Insecurity focused on childhood nutrition, along with efficiency and innovation to help our grant recipients advance lasting solutions to the challenge of food insecurity.

Delivering food from the back of a truck

2017 Grant Recipients:

House of Hope
End 68 Hours of Hunger
York Community Service Association
Community Outreach Services
Gather: Meals 4 Kids
Strategies for a Stronger Sanford
St Vincent De Paul Hampton
Footprints Food Pantry
York County Shelter Programs

2016 Spotlight Fund

Food Insecurity

More than 300,000 people in Maine and New Hampshire do not have reliable access to nutritious food1. The first year we launched our Spotlight Fund, we focused on Food Insecurity. We partnered with local agencies to connect people with food, fund healthy eating initiatives, purchase food bank equipment and supplies and support direct food purchases.

Volunteers smiling behind food counter

Volunteers preparing food and smiling

2016 Grant Recipients:

Partners for a Hunger Free York County 
New Hampshire Food Bank
Good Shepherd Food Bank 
Seacoast Family Food Pantry
York County Shelter Programs
York Community Service Association
Community Outreach Services
Footprints Food Pantry
House of Hope Food Pantry
Table of Plenty