SANFORD, Maine – Kennebunk Savings recently announced the awarding of a $20,000 grant to Waban through the bank’s Spotlight Fund, which in 2021 is focused on Early Childhood Development. Waban, an early childhood education provider, will be using the grant funding to aid in providing remote instruction for current students, in addition to playing a significant role in Waban’s children’s case management program.

According to Jennifer Putnam, Executive Director at Waban, “Building healthy habits and learning new skills are essential elements in the work we do. We’re confident that the families who graduate from the Fraser Ford Child Development Center (FFCDC) leave with a greater understanding of their own children’s needs. Thanks to the grant from Kennebunk Savings, we’ll be able to expand our program and ensure that all of the children who are able to use technology will have access to it.”

Throughout the pandemic Waban has been offering qualified Occupational and Physical Therapy using iPads connected to specialists. The grant from Kennebunk Savings will enable Waban to purchase additional technology while supporting the infrastructure needed.

The bank’s Spotlight Fund is an integral part of its annual giving program. “Each year, our team proactively researches and identifies a pressing issue affecting our local communities,” explained Liz Torrance, Social Responsibility Manager at Kennebunk Savings. “We meet with leaders in the field to really understand how a long-term investment will create opportunities that lead to lasting, positive change.”

“We’re really excited to continue our longstanding support of Waban’s programs, especially during the pandemic. We knew this grant in support of their technology needs was a good fit for our Spotlight Fund and an effective way to impact children with developmental disabilities. Early intervention makes an enormous difference on a child’s life, helping them reach their potential, while decreasing educational costs over time,” said Bradford C. Paige, President and CEO of Kennebunk Savings.

About Waban
For more than 50 years, Waban has worked on behalf of children and adults with autism, intellectual, and developmental disabilities to provide services and support numerous individuals annually. Waban offers many programs including residential services, adult day programs, therapeutic preschool and K-4 programs, children’s and adult case management, employment services and clinical services. For more information: or (207) 324-7955.