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Celebrating 25 Years of Community Promise

Twenty-five years ago, Kennebunk Savings made a promise to our community to give 10% of our annual earnings to local nonprofit organizations through our Community Promise program. Well, we’ve kept that promise.  So far, we’ve invested $13 million in our neighbors and this year alone, we’re donating over $1 million!  We believe that giving back is just the right thing to do.

Grants & Sponsorships

Since 1994, we've given over $13 million in grants to local organizations—and we're not even close to being done! This year alone we plan to donate more than $1 million!  We connect with and invest in those making a positive impact in our communities.

Spotlight Fund

The Spotlight Fund was created to shine a light on a widespread issue affecting our communities and support that cause. Each year, a portion of our Community Promise is directed to the Spotlight Fund.

The Huntington Common Charitable Fund

The Huntington Common Charitable Fund is dedicated to programs that help seniors in York County live healthy, fulfilled lives. Each year the Fund issues grants to qualified organizations serving York County residents aged 65 and older.


Part of our Community Promise is encouraging our employees to share their time and talents with the people and organizations that make our communities great. Each year our employees devote thousands of volunteer hours to worthy local causes—whether it’s clearing nature trails, assisting in classrooms, or serving meals at soup kitchens. Building and sharing in vibrant community life is important to us.

Recent News & Events

Kennebunk Savings Celebrates 25 Years of Giving

What does 25 years amount to? For Kennebunk Savings’ Community Promise program, 25 years has amounted to $13 million in donations, about 140,000 volunteer hours and help to more than 1,200 organizations.

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