Business Tools

Connecting to QuickBooks® or Quicken®

Seamlessly integrate your banking data into QuickBooks® or Quicken® for a more efficient accounting and cash management process. Our connection simplifies keeping your records up-to-date, leaving you more time to manage your business:  

  • No More Manual Data Entry: Data can be imported into QuickBooks® or Quicken® directly from your Kennebunk Savings online business banking account
  • Easy Data Reconciliation: Importing transaction and balance information makes it easy to reconcile your accounts
  • Automatic Set Up: Initiate a download with QuickBooks® or Quicken® from the Kennebunk Savings online banking site, and your software will automatically guide you through the account set-up process

We Can Help

We're here to be a member of your business team. If you'd like to talk with a Business Services representative about connecting your business banking with QuickBooks®, call 1-888-572-5249.

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