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Our Neighborhood Rules

At Kennebunk Savings, it’s about finding financial expertise standing next to you at a Little League game or volunteering with you at a community event. It’s about our employees, who live, work, and play here. And it’s about being accessible, making thoughtful decisions, and sharing our knowledge and networks.

Our online community is an extension of the community we build through our local banking and work environments. We are proud to use our social media platforms to share and discuss relevant news, information, community and charitable work, and employee updates. We welcome and value discussion and commenting as part of a vibrant and engaged online community.

Please keep in mind that this is a public site and anything you post or react to can be viewed by others. At Kennebunk Savings, it is not our practice to ask you, nor should you ever post, any personal or confidential information on this Site. For example, you should not disclose your financial information, Social Security Number, account number, passwords or PINs.

The content and material on this Site is for informational and promotional purposes only. Any communication between us on this Site does not alter, change or supersede any of the agreements you may have with us as a customer.

We welcome your comments, pictures, videos and other content (“User Content”) so long as you comply with the our Terms of Use, Prohibited Content and Behavior Policy (below) and Privacy Policy.
We encourage you to engage in meaningful dialogue but ask when discussing or challenging each other’s views or opinions that you do so respectfully. The pages, boards, conversations, hashtags and applications created or administered by Kennebunk Savings on social media platforms are for you to enjoy.

Rules of the Road – Prohibited Content and Behavior Policy:

We have a zero tolerance policy for any and all submissions that violate our Prohibited Content and Behavior Policy. Therefore, you agree that you will not post, or submit for posting, any content promoting, referencing, facilitating, containing or using content or behavior as outlined by our Prohibited Content and Behavior Policy Terms and Conditions, as follows

• Internet trolling or anything that creates a hostile online environment including content containing obscene, profane or threatening language; Hateful, or other discriminatory, disparaging or denigrating content, whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based upon race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political orientation, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, veteran status or mental or physical disability or condition;

• Confrontational tactics to impact a product, service, person, industry, or organization including, but not limited to, Kennebunk Savings, or other Site Users;

• Content, commentary, and images that can be construed as defamatory, political campaigning, proprietary, harassing, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful content; violation of copyright/trademark, or confidential information;

• Content that is deceptive or fraudulent including anything containing software viruses, commercial solicitation, chain letters, promotions or mass mailings or any form of “spam;”
• Content that uses adversarial or confrontational tactics to impact a product, service, person, industry, or organization including, but not limited to, Kennebunk Savings, or other Site Users;

• Gambling, including without limitation, any content related to online casinos, sports books, bingo or poker;

• Material that refers to the use of firearms/weapons/ammunition, the taking up of arms against any person, government or entity or otherwise challenging or seeking to overthrow any government;

• Personal Information or confidential information that violates any obligation of confidentiality;

• Content inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.

We are committed to keeping our Community a welcoming place, as follows:

Kennebunk Savings and its designees reserve the right to monitor and/or remove content on its social media platforms that is in violation of Kennebunk Savings Terms of Use, Kennebunk Savings Privacy Policy or our Prohibited Content and Behavior Policy.

• You understand and agree that Kennebunk Savings reserves the right to review and delete any User Content for any or no reason, including User Content that we determine in our sole discretion violates these Terms and Conditions, or the platform’s terms of use or privacy policy, or is otherwise inappropriate or offensive, harmful to us, other Kennebunk Savings fans or any third party.

• You understand and agree that Kennebunk Savings may ban any user from posting on Kennebunk Savings pages, boards or conversations, or from using applications created or administered by Kennebunk Savings, for a pattern of inappropriate postings or as otherwise deemed necessary by Kennebunk Savings.

Kennebunk Savings is a mutual banking institution founded in 1871 in Kennebunk, Maine, where we still maintain our headquarters today. We proudly serve the southern Maine and seacoast New Hampshire area with branch locations from Kennebunk to Hampton, NH. We are dedicated to helping our customers and communities prosper!

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