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Protect Yourself from a Home Warranty Scam

Home warranty scams are in the area! Check out these self-defense tips to protect yourself from becoming victim to another scam.

woman on phone reading a letter in front of a computer

Home warranty scams are circling the area! We recently had a customer receive a letter stating that their property’s home warranty, secured by Kennebunk Savings was expiring or had expired. The letter then stated that the customer should call the number listed on the notice immediately and that without a home warranty in place they are at risk for being financially liable for any and all repairs.

Scammers are using information obtained from the registry of deeds to produce these letters. That registry lists Kennebunk Savings as the lender, however we have nothing to do with the company presenting the offer. Scammers are hoping that adding our name to the letter will add believability to the ‘program’ so they may easily collect your personal information.

Please know that we do not send these letters and you should not respond to this type of solicitation.

Tips to protect yourself from the next scam

  • Don’t be a courtesy victim. Scammers will not hesitate to exploit the good manners of the potential victim. Remember that a stranger who calls or writes to ask for your money is to be regarded with utmost caution and skepticism. It’s not impolite to say you are not interested and hang up.
  • Don’t be rushed – check it out. Say no to any person that pressures you to make an immediate decision. You have the right and responsibility to check out the person and the firm itself.
  • Never judge a person’s integrity by how they look or sound. Successful scammers can sound extremely professional and have the ability to make even the flimsiest deal or notice sound safe. Always do the necessary homework if you are hesitant or don’t understand what you are reviewing.
  • Don’t let embarrassment or fear keep you from reporting fraud or abuse. People who fail to report that they’ve been victimized often hesitate out of embarrassment. Scammers know all about such sensitivities. They count on these fears preventing or delaying the time when the authorities will be notified about the scam.

If you were a victim in a recent scam, you’re more likely to be targeted in another scam. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team at 1-800-339-6573.

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