Answering an unknown call

We recently had two customers become victim to a ‘tech support refund scam’.   In this scenario, both customers were tricked into providing their online banking credentials to these individuals under the guise of receiving a refund.  During the refund process, an ‘error’ occurs making the customers think they were given too much money. The scammers then pressure them into “returning” the extra money which was never given to them in the first place. In one of the instances, the fraudster threatened them with some type of police action for theft for their hesitation.

Here are some red flags to be on the lookout for. If the caller says:  

  • You need/want ‘tech support’ for your online banking account
  • You have to ‘refund’ a company with gift cards
  • You’re ‘qualified’ for a refund
  • You need your debit card limit increased to purchase gift cards
  • You need to ‘verify’ a deposit that was made with your online banking account
  •  If at any time you are being asked to send cash, buy gift cards, iTunes cards, or Green Dot cards this is most likely a scam


  • Don’t let callers take remote control of your online banking
  • Don’t give your computer username, account password or any of your financial information to a tech support provider over the phone. Scammers can sometimes make it appear they are calling from a legitimate number


  • Do check your computer’s security software once a week for updates
  • Do hang up if you get an unsolicited call from someone who is claiming to be a tech support representative

If you were a victim in another scam, you’re more likely to be targeted in this scamIf you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team at 1-800-339-6573.