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Deposit a check into your checking or savings account from anywhere using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy, secure and will save you time!

You received an unexpected refund check—how exciting! Your getaway is finally here and the money could provide you with some spending flexibility on your trip. You’re thrilled about the check, however, making a last minute stop at the bank could put you significantly behind schedule. Luckily with Mobile Deposit you simply snap, tap and your deposit is made! Without delay or waiting, your travel plans are still on schedule!

Mobile Deposit is a convenient service that is offered to those who bank online and have signed up for Mobile Banking.

How to Deposit Checks Online:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking and add the Mobile Banking service.
  2. Download your bank’s Mobile Banking App and log in.
  3. Select Deposit Check.
  4. Write the words “For Mobile Deposit” in the signature area on the back of the check and sign below.
  5. Select the account you want to deposit the funds to and enter the amount of the check.
  6. Take a picture of the front of the check and then the back of the check. (The Mobile Banking App will use the camera on your phone to capture the images.)
  7. Once the images are collected, submit your deposit. You’re done!

Hang On To Your Check. Checks are not stored in the Mobile Banking App, so it is important that you keep the check until you’re certain the funds have been deposited into your account. Typically, 30 days is enough time to ensure that a check will not be rejected. You can check the status of your check through the Mobile Banking App by clicking on Deposit Check History. When it’s time to dispose of your check, be sure to shred it.

Know the Funds Availability Policy. Processing times and deposit amount limits vary. Knowing the deposit threshold and check-hold policy may help prevent you from bouncing checks.

Mobile Check Deposit

To learn more about Mobile Check Deposit from Kennebunk Savings, watch this instructional video.

Mobile Deposit

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