Kennebunk Savings has donated $5,000 to GoodWork of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to support its nonprofit incubator program.

GoodWork provides customized, strategic support to idea phase, early-stage, and start-up nonprofit organizations and has helped over one hundred nascent nonprofits bring their brilliant ideas to fruition over the last three years. GoodWork has provided over 500 hours in technical support, delivered thirty educational programs, provided professional development to early-stage nonprofit founders, provided customized, strategic support to hundreds of nonprofits, and created an inspirational meeting space for nonprofit organizations and businesses to convene and collaborate.

In turn, these organizations have impacted the Seacoast community by feeding families experiencing food scarcity, providing housing to developmentally disabled adults, soothing those struggling with mental health issues with movement and dance, supporting caregivers of children with parents struggling with addiction, and providing healthy food vouchers to veterans.

“The Seacoast attracts a lot of talent. The next generation of thought leaders and innovators is here already,” noted Bradford C. Paige, the Bank’s President & CEO. “And they have the big ideas and all the energy and enthusiasm that comes with them, but they still have to learn how to get the machine up and running. GoodWork supplies years of experience and skill to get great new organizations off the ground. We really admire their effort.”

Many of the community’s early-stage and start-up nonprofits lack the resources and space to be successful. GoodWork supports, develops, and strengthens greater Seacoast nonprofits by providing customized incubator services at no cost. When GoodWork injects much-needed resources into burgeoning nonprofits, they become more soundly managed, more stable, and better positioned to provide their programs to the people who need them. As a result, donors and funders get a better return on their generous investments, nonprofits thrive, previously unaddressed problems are tackled, and communities are stronger.

About Kennebunk Savings

With assets of $1.8 billion, Kennebunk Savings is a mutually owned, Maine-chartered community banking institution headquartered in Kennebunk, Maine operating 17 branch offices in York County, Maine and seacoast New Hampshire. Kennebunk Savings contributes 10% of its after-tax earnings back to the nonprofit community each year through its Community Promise program. The total commitment of that program has meant over $17 million for nonprofits in the community since 1994.

About GoodWork
The mission of GoodWork is to support, develop and strengthen Greater Seacoast nonprofits by maximizing their capacity to deliver services, through customized strategic support and affordable live and work space.  GoodWork envisions thriving, successful, mission-driven nonprofits contributing to the overall cultural, environmental, economic, and social well-being of the community.  GoodWork’s customized incubator services are provided at no cost.

Photo Caption

Left to Right, Kennebunk Savings Bank Vice President, Retail Experience Manager Carlos Maldonado, GoodWork CEO, Molly Hodgson, and Assistant Vice President Branch Manager, Kaley Gagne meet at GoodWork Headquarters at Carey Cottage to discuss the status of the nonprofit sector of the Greater Seacoast.