Kennebunk Savings recently addressed an issue that developed following a news release and Facebook post regarding an employee promotion. Subsequent Facebook comments revealed that the staff member’s personal Facebook page contained some disturbing and offensive images. The employee mentioned in the press release is no longer with the company.

Brad Paige, Kennebunk Savings President and CEO, commented, “As you might imagine, our first reaction is one of dismay and disappointment. We expect all of our employees to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and respect. The images are not appropriate, the themes portrayed in the images are unacceptable to the Board of Directors, our management team and our employees, and in no way reflect the views or values of Kennebunk Savings.”

Kennebunk Savings will not tolerate harassment, bullying, workplace violence or discrimination of any type. Kennebunk Savings has a long-standing tradition of serving our community and we believe anyone who has first-hand knowledge of our institution knows us for our core values of honesty, integrity and inclusiveness, and our steadfast commitment to our employees, customers and the community.