Smiling woman wearing headset.

Starting January 15th, customers calling into Kennebunk Savings’ Customer Care Center will be offered the opportunity to opt-in to Voice ID. This technology enables the bank to identify customers by the unique characteristics of their voice. Kennebunk Savings partnered with Nuance Communications to deploy this exciting voice biometrics technology, which will ultimately allow customers to bank faster and more securely.

The convenience of Voice ID reduces, or in some cases eliminates, the need for security questions. Instead, when a customer calls in and chooses to use Voice ID, they will engage in a natural conversation with a bank representative. During that conversation, Voice ID will create a voiceprint that can be used to verify their identity each time they call in by analyzing their voice and comparing it to the voiceprint associated with their account.

Kennebunk Savings customers who opt-in to use Voice ID will experience faster and more secure interactions. With Voice ID, bank representatives are able to focus on providing service and customers are able to get right into the reason why they called instead of answering a number of security questions.

Kennebunk Savings Vice President and e-Delivery Manager, Jennifer Johnson, had this to say about this product launch, “We are committed to providing the best and most secure experience for our customers whether they are calling our Customer Care Center or visiting their local branch. By implementing innovative technologies like Voice ID, we continue to evolve the banking experience for our customers all while increasing our ability to detect and halt attempts at fraudulent account access.”  

Kennebunk Savings is the first community bank in New England to partner with Nuance to deploy Voice ID. For more information please visit