WELLS, ME – Kennebunk Savings has funded the recent purchase of an all-electric, all-terrain golf cart for The Wells Reserve at Laudholm. The vehicle, which comfortably seats four, will be used to help older guests or people with mobility restrictions traverse their grounds. The Wells Reserve features 7 miles of trails and access to Laudholm beach, and frequently hosts hikers, birdwatchers, field trips and wedding parties. It is also a federally-funded marine research facility.

“A lot of the work we do – both volunteering and charitable giving – is about preserving access to Maine’s spectacular natural resources,” said Bradford C. Paige, President & CEO of Kennebunk Savings. “And that has to mean access for everyone. So whether we’re helping clear a trail to help it meet ADA guidelines or buying a golf cart to help people get to the beach a little easier—it’s that guiding principle of access for all that motivates us.”

The bank donated $8,500 to purchase the vehicle, which is charged on the Reserve’s solar array. The facility is 102% solar-powered, meaning they generate more electricity than they use.

“We thank Kennebunk Savings, as always, for the support here and for making this latest addition possible,” said Nik Charov, the Wells Reserve’s Executive Director. “It’s going to get a lot more people out on the trails and experiencing the Wells Reserve.”