Don’t Fall Victim to a Spoof!

It is important to remember, bank employees will never call you asking for your full account credentials, your PIN, or to close an account over the phone!  We’re reminding you of this because we’re hearing about a scam and we’d like to pass the information along to you so you may protect yourself!

In the latest scam, bad actors “spoof” the bank’s telephone number (so the bank’s number appears as the caller ID) and call customers pretending to be from the bank’s fraud investigation team. The scammers ask for a customer’s banking credentials and one-time passcode, claiming they need to review account transactions for possible fraudulent activity. (Banks don’t need this information to view account activity!)  Once scammers have access to the account, they make an external transfer of money to another account.

Please know:

We will call you if we suspect fraudulent activity on your account and we will ask you to come a branch to close the account and open a new one if fraud is confirmed.

We will not ask for your full social security number, login credentials, PIN number, or one-time passcode – EVER!

If you are ever in doubt, hang up the phone and call our Customer Care Team at 800-339-6573!  Fraudsters may be able to spoof our number when making a call, but they CAN’T answer calls YOU make to US!