2021 was our 150th year in operation, so we decided to have a party. A party that would have to exist within the constraints of ever-shifting safety guidelines, but still a party! And of course, every good party has a theme. So, for our year-long celebration, we chose: “Celebrating our past, driving our future.” It was our guiding principle as we dug up archival photos, interviewed retirees, gently spoofed our own history, and welcomed many new employees across our service region. We even distributed 1,871 baby trees! Did you plant one? We also hope some of you managed to grab some swag at our at our rotating, week-long branch celebrations—those camp chairs are nice!

Elsewhere in 2021, we were officially designated a “Recovery Friendly Workplace,” which is an achievement of great significance to us in light of our years of work in substance use disorder (SUD) prevention and recovery. This year, our Spotlight Fund, which has focused on SUD for several years, expanded its focus to build support in the world of early childhood development. We’re excited to be learning more about that world—many of us are parents of young children, too. Our overall Community Promise donations will total in excess of $1 million, and that’s something worth celebrating too.

Throughout the year, during these large-scale projects and also during many of our day-to-day transactions, we were reminded of the deep roots we have in this community and felt assured of their strength. Thank you for your continued business and support. We look forward to what’s next.

Kennebunk Savings Named Recovery Friendly Workplace:  Read more about our certification in this program and our continued work in the field of substance use disorder prevention and recovery!

In the below video, we gently fictionalized our own history in another installment of our “Spot the Scam” comedy series!


Kennebunk Savings Gives Away 1,871 Tree Saplings:  As part of our 150th celebration, we wanted to hand out 150 baby trees to our customers — but decided that number was too small. Instead, we distributed 1,871 white pine saplings, in honor of the year of our founding.

In the below video, we worked with our friends at the Kennebunk Land Trust to learn more about the trees in our area — these videos were timed to coincide with our tree project.


150th Anniversary Celebrations Begin: We celebrated our 150th anniversary with a traveling road show party that stopped in each branch for a week.

In 2021, we revealed a new look for our mascot, Kenny Bear. Check out his reveal in the video below.


Spotlight Fund Focuses on Early Childhood Development:  We were excited to announce a new focus of our targeted “Spotlight” giving in 2021 — the critically important world of Early Childhood Development.

Our in-house historian Mike Moloney agreed to do a much sillier version of the talk he normally gives new hires about the bank’s history for the below video.