Small Business Bill Pay

Streamline your small business bill management with Small Business Bill Pay!

Small Business Bill Pay is essential for success. Small Business Bill Pay offers the ability and security to add additional authorized users to pay bills on the owner’s behalf with tiered permission levels

With Small Business Bill Pay you get:

  • More organization: Manage all your bills from one easy place.
  • More Convenience: Receive your bills electronically with eBill.
  • More time: Schedule one-time or reoccurring payments.

Get Started

To get started with Small Business Bill Pay, you will need to fill out an online enrollment form which can be found by navigating to Business Bill Pay in the Log in drop down list on the Kennebunk Savings website. Once you click Log in, a new screen will open bringing you to the Business Bill Pay homepage. From there select Enroll and follow the on screen prompts.

bill pay sign on website

Please note, a final step of  the online enrollment form requires you to print and sign the form which can be sent to Cash Management via secure email, mail, or in person via a branch location.

Once your enrollment has been activated, you will receive an email from Business Bill Pay notifying you that you are ready to login and use the service. To login you will navigate to the Small Business Bill Pay page by selecting Business Bill Pay in the drop down list on the Kennebunk Savings website Log in page.

If you have any questions about the enrollment or Small Business Bill Pay features, please contact our Cash Management team at 1-888-572-5249.