Automatic Payment & Direct Deposit FAQs

  • What does direct deposit (ACH credit) mean?

    Direct deposit through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) is simply a fast and secure way of receiving funds into your account. Paychecks, government benefits, investment dividends—all of these can be deposited electronically (immediately and 100% securely) into your Kennebunk Savings account.

  • When will my direct deposit start?

    You will usually see the direct deposit go into effect within 2-3 cycles from date of your request. For example, if you elect to have your paycheck deposited directly into your account, typically it will be about 2-3 pay periods before you see that direct deposit in effect.

  • What is an automatic payment (ACH debit)?

    Automatic payments through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) are just like direct deposit, except funds are automatically transferred OUT OF your account instead of into your account. It's a convenient way to pay bills without having to write checks. Many companies (like electric, gas, telephone, loans, credit cards, and insurance) accept automatic payments from Kennebunk Savings. If you want to set up automatic payments, the company will tell you what they need from you. Usually, it's a voided check from your checking account and the date on which you would like them to start withdrawing payments.

  • When will my automatic payment start withdrawing from my new account?

    Generally, once you contact the billing company and submit the necessary information to them to set up automatic payments, the charges will not be deducted from your Kennebunk Savings account until 1-3 billing cycles after you make your request.

  • How do I know that my automatic payment (debit) has been made?

    There are three ways for verifying that your automatic payment has been made:

    • The fastest is to log into Online Banking(
    • Call Customer Care at 800-339-6573
    • Review your monthly checking account statement

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