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Business Payment Solutions

Putting You in Control

Kennebunk Savings' simple, secure tools for paying vendors and suppliers, reconciling accounts, and managing payroll allow you to put your focus where it should be—on running your business. With our online business banking services you can manage disbursements by paying bills online, scheduling recurring payments, and much more.

Contact Us About Business Banking or call 888-572-5249 to talk with a Business Services representative about our business payment solutions.

Positive Pay and Zero Balance Accounts

Our goal is to make secure business banking easier. Our Zero Balance Accounts automatically fund daily checks from a “concentration” account so you can maintain a single funding source, and Positive Pay ensures that all information on a check presented for payment must match your checks-issued file or the bank will not pay without authorization.

ACH Service and Wire Transfers

With Kennebunk Savings and Automated Clearing House (ACH) service, you can set up electronic funds disbursements through a secure system for direct deposit of payroll and/or authorized recurring payments. From the convenience of your office, you can also submit secure wire transfer services with same-day electronic transfer of funds.

From the Blog

What is Google Pay™ and How Do I Use It?

Google Pay™ allows you to pay for purchases with an Android® smart device. Simply tap a button on your device and hold it over the contactless payment terminal at checkout.

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